How to Reduce the Frequency of Insulating Glass Window Repair

Many insulating glass window repairs can be kept at bay if homeowners took some precautions during the installation and maintenance of those glass windows. This article discusses some of the things that you can do to delay the onset of window glass damage that necessitates costly repairs.

Keep Moisture at Bay 

Exposure to moisture can quickly cause insulating window seals to break down and make the window to fog. You can reduce the damaging effect of moisture by keeping weep holes (holes through which water flows out from the bottom of a window) open. Over time, debris can accumulate and block those weep holes. You should use a thin object, such as a small nail to poke the weep holes open as you are cleaning the windows. It is also advisable to apply new caulk when the perimeter seals of the glass deteriorate. This will prevent gaps from developing within that moisture barrier.

Prevent Heat Extremes

Have you noticed that windows on the side receiving the greatest amount of sunlight fail before those that receive less sunlight? Heat causes the glass to expand. This expansion is followed by contraction when ambient temperatures drop at night. This frequent expansion and contraction eventually wears down the seals in the windows. The result is that the windows will start fogging when condensation accumulates through the broken seals. You can regulate temperature fluctuations by installing window film to reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the windowpanes. There are different kinds of film (such as film that reduces visibility) so make sure that you buy the film that is designed to minimise the effect of heat on windowpanes.

Repair Old Glass Windows

All windows have an expected lifespan. As those windows near the end of their expected lifespan, they are more likely to develop defects (such as fogging). You should be proactive and repair worn components, such as seals in case the building has vintage windows that are irreplaceable. This will prevent one defect from causing a domino effect on the other components that are still in a good condition.

Your best protection against frequent window repairs is to buy high-quality windows that come with a lifetime warranty. Licensed professionals should also install those windows so that no mistake is made during their installation. In case you bought an older home, invite a glass repair professional to inspect the windows and advise you on what lasting solutions can be implemented to maintain the condition of those windows.