3 Ways to Anchor Aluminum Posts for Your Pool Fence

Aluminum is always a great option when you are looking for material to construct your pool fence out of. It is designed to be durable and also visually appealing, which gives you access to both style and function. When you are installing a pool fence made from aluminum, one of the most important aspects of installation involves how you anchor the posts. This is important because it is the step in the installation process that allows the fence to be secure and stable. Before you begin anchoring your aluminum posts into the ground, it is important that you are aware of the 3 most common options and what these anchoring methods entail.


One of the least time-consuming anchoring options for aluminum fence posts is through the use of metal spikes. You can find metal spikes in a variety of different size options depending on the exact measurements of your fence posts. Once you have the right size of spike, you can drive the spike into position directly into the ground around the post. The only part of the spike that will be visible at the top of the ground is the socket that is at the top of the spike. It is possible to use a sledgehammer to pound the spike into place.


The other method of anchoring a fence post is known as the "bolt-down" method. This is different from the metal spike method in the way that you will need a solid surface to secure the post to. This means that the base of the post will be bolted to a solid surface like a patio. There is a metal cup that can be attached to the bottom of the aluminum fence post and the metal cup can then be bolted into place securely. There are already per-made holes within the metal cup that are designed for bolts to go through.


The most common method for anchoring an aluminum fence is the concrete method. Pouring concrete around the fence post can be a very effective way to make sure that it is secure and unable to move. It is always a good idea to add some gravel into the hole before you pour in the concrete to make sure that proper drainage does exist where the fence posts will be located. Gravel of this type is compact and will help to keep water from collecting.