Why It Can Be Best to Call a Professional for Concrete Drilling and Sawing

Concrete drilling and sawing is not like cutting through wood or drywall; the material is obviously tougher than other substances, and cutting through it can be more difficult than you may realize. This is why it may take some skill and knowhow to cut or saw concrete properly; while the job can sometimes be done by a homeowner, it's often best left to a professional. Note when you should call an actual concrete cutter for the job you want to have done on your property.

1. Egress windows

One reason that it's good to have basement egress windows cut by a professional is that the job may require quite a bit of water to reduce concrete dust, and this can make a mess in the enclosed area of a basement if you don't know how to contain the debris. Carpet can get stained, and the dust that is still created can settle in the basement area and be very difficult to remove. Remember too that you're making a hole in your home's foundation when you cut through a basement wall, and making one that is too big can mean weakening the foundation and allowing cracks to form. A professional concrete cutter can avoid and contain the mess and much as possible, and can ensure that the window you want cut doesn't damage your home in any way.

2. Confined spaces

If you're looking to cut or drill through a concrete well, silo, or small tank or space of any sort, this can pose added dangers. Being in a confined space with your tools can mean working too close to them, increasing your risk of injury. There is also the risk of getting stuck in the confined space if you don't know how to ensure you keep your exit route clear. A professional concrete cutter who is trained in working in confined spaces can ensure the job is done safely, and that their safety is also protected as well.

3. Something behind the concrete

When cutting concrete, you may be surprised when you hit rebar or another material that was used to strengthen the concrete. There may also be electrical wires, plumbing pipes, and other materials behind the concrete or between layers of concrete. Trying to cut through these or not realizing that you're cutting them can be dangerous and cause damage to these materials. A professional concrete cutter like Allied Concrete Cutting & Drilling Pty Ltd will know how to check for rebar and other materials behind concrete and then change drill bits or blades as needed, and ensure the job is done safely with minimal damage to these other materials.