4 Solid Reasons to Consider Pine Framing for Your Upcoming Construction Project

Timber is probably the most popular framing material in the construction industry. Besides being renewable, timber is sustainable and widely available. It's an excellent insulator, and using it helps reduce your carbon footprint. However, there are numerous varieties of timber, each with specific and unique qualities and performance levels. Your decision to use any timber species depends on your project requirements. Pine is among the many timber options on the market, with more versatility and durability than most conventional framing materials. [Read More]

4 Things to Look Out for on a Building Inspection Report

Construction contractors need to be aware of several key things when looking at a building inspection report. You can avoid any potential issues later on by keeping an eye out for these red flags. Here are four things to look for. 1. Signs of Poor Workmanship When reviewing a building inspection report, keep an eye out for any mention of poor workmanship. This can be anything from shoddy installation of fixtures and fittings to incorrect concrete mixes being used. [Read More]

Building Your New Home? Why Add Residential Insulation

If you're building your own home, and you can't decide on residential insulation, you're not alone. Many homes in Australia are without insulation. One reason is that many homeowners wrongly believe that they don't need insulation for their homes. In fact, Australia didn't have minimum insulation requirements until the 1990s. Luckily, some homeowners are starting to realise the need for adequate residential insulation. If you're not sure why you need insulation, read the list provided below. [Read More]

Benefits of Using Custom Home Builders for Guest Flats

The idea of having a guest flat or granny flat is appealing to many homeowners. This option allows you to have a place for guests to stay or for family members who are in need of housing or home health. There are several options available to you for your guest flat build. However, one of the ways that offer a large number of benefits is to use custom home builders for the project. [Read More]