How to Make Your New Industrial Development Complex More Appealing to Buyers

If you're planning any type of complex meant for production, manufacturing, and warehousing businesses, you want to consider carefully how to appeal to buyers and tenants once the development is finished. It's typically not enough to simply construct buildings with cement floors and open spaces that can be used for a warehouse, but you need to consider the features that will appeal to more buyers for successful sales and quick leases. Note a few things you'll want to keep in mind to ensure your industrial development complex is a success.

1. Green energy and eco-friendly choices

Many companies are advertising that they use green or clean energy as much as possible, meaning solar power, wind power, and other sources of energy that produce few if any emissions, pollutants, and the like. You might attract more buyers and more tenants to your industrial complex if you include green energy sources already built into the facility; this can mean solar panels on the buildings and wind turbines right on the property. 

Eco-friendly choices for building can also attract buyers who are concerned with how a new development may affect the environment. Consider using recycled concrete or asphalt for the parking lots and recycled concrete for floors, as well as recycled metal for buildings. You can advertise these choices when you're ready to advertise the complex for sale or lease, attracting eco-friendly buyers and tenants.

2. Ease of access

Don't rely on the exit ramps and other access points that are already created to get traffic in and out of your industrial complex, but work with an urban planner to note how traffic congestion might be addressed with your complex. You may need to work with the local city to create additional exit ramps off a local freeway, widen highways and add extra lanes, and otherwise create easier access in and out of your industrial complex.

3. Comfort and appearance

Buyers and tenants today may appreciate an industrial complex that doesn't look unattractive, even if it will be used for production, warehousing, and the like. You may not be thinking much of landscaping, leaving mature trees on the lots, and creating the fronts of buildings to look more like office complexes than industrial areas, but these small touches can make your complex look more appealing overall. In turn, you may win more buyers and tenants to your complex versus complexes that look drab, dull, and unattractive.