Choosing the best home builder for your two storey home

Two storey homes are often more complex to build than single story homes as they are heavier and place more stressed on the foundations and structural walls. However, many homeowners love building two storeys as it lets them make the most of a small block and can let people make the most of a view to the city or water which can maximise property values. Here are some tips when looking for a fantastic home builder for your new two storey home. 

Go for a realistic price

You may find that some builders quote an extremely low price at the start, which sounds too good to be true. It usually is as they will end up charging cost overruns or adding additional line items over the build such as charging for wardrobe doors or taps or only supplying very low quality fittings. It can be better to choose an all in one price that covers all of these items and will lead to a higher quality home in the end. 

Check their work

Many builders have recently expanded their ranges to include two storey homes as they have increased in popularity and build spectacular display homes to show off their designs. However you want to try and see a house that has been built a few years ago as any issues with the build quality often do not show up immediately. In two storey homes, you should look for cracking on the lower storey walls and roofs, as well as any gaps or holes in the upper storey. Check any plumbing on the upper storey for leaks as well as the area directly below the plumbed areas for water seepage and damp spots. These issues can cause expensive repairs down the line. 

A flexible floor plan

It's a good idea to have a floor plan that can be modified, as you may be wanting a living area that makes the most of the views that are only available on one side of the building. Check if you can also change the orientation of the house to make the most of the breezes and natural cooling as this can often save homeowners large amounts of money down the line in heating and cooling costs. 

Finding a the best home builder in your area (such as Heathy's Rocksolid Contractors) can take a little bit of time to research, but it's well worth it to find a build that can build a quality home just the way you want it to be.