2 Questions to Ask When Renting a Portable Toilet for Any Reason

When renting a portable toilet, and especially for a special event like a wedding reception, you want to ensure you choose one that will be clean and sanitary and presentable for guests. If you're hiring a portable toilet for workers who may be renovating or remodeling your home, as you may not want them to use your facilities inside, you still want the best option for them and to ensure it's working at all times. Note a few questions to ask when renting a portable toilet to ensure you get the right one and know how to keep it in good working order.

1. Do they offer event toilets and construction toilets?

It's good to understand the difference between event toilets and construction toilets. A toilet used on a construction site may be more plain on the inside, as construction workers may not expect flowers and air freshener in their toilet area. It may also be more scuffed up on the floor, because of the heavy work boots worn by construction workers. 

This can be a good choice for workers you have on your property, but an event toilet is usually much different. It may be more presentable inside, with a custom paint job and bold color choices, along with flowers, an oversized mirror and the like. It may also look better since it hasn't been scuffed by construction boots. Be sure you know these differences and ask about these different options when you rent a portable toilet.

2. Will additional water need to be added?

Portable toilets usually come with their own water supply, and these toilets are meant to last for a certain number of uses. If you've discussed with the rental agency the length of rental time and expected number of guests and have chosen the toilet size they recommended, you will probably not need to add additional water to the tank for the toilet. 

However, if the toilets are used more than you realize or if for some reason the water gets used up quickly, it can be good to know how to add additional water to the tank. Ask the rental agency about this as they may need to show you how to do this safely, ensuring that the tank is not damaged and the cap is replaced properly after water is added. You also need to ensure you know how to determine if the tank is getting empty or low on water so you don't just assume and refill it unnecessarily.

Talk to a company like Eagle Hire about any questions you may have about portable toilets.