How to Minimise Accidents During Crane Servicing

Many owners of industrial complexes relegate matters of crane safety to the operators who have been sent by the crane hire company. However, you need to take an active interest in safety matters because any injury to an employee will affect you in several ways, such as lost productivity and high medical costs. This article discusses some specific measures that you can take to ensure that your employees remain safe as the rental crane is being serviced.

Call a Meeting

All departments in your industrial complex are affected each time scheduled maintenance is done on rental cranes. For example, the stores department will notice that fewer materials are being asked for since the overhead crane is not available to transport the heavy materials. You should therefore call a meeting of all employees and brief them about the maintenance activities that are scheduled to take place. This briefing will enable all employees to take extra care when they are moving close to the venue of the maintenance work. This heightened awareness will reduce the likelihood of accidents, such as injuries resulting when a tool falls on an unsuspecting employee who is walking underneath an overhead crane that is being serviced.

Create a Buffer

Many owners of industries rely on notices to inform employees to stay away from cranes that are being serviced. Such an approach can leave an opportunity for accidents to occur because a distracted employee can be injured after tripping on a tool when he or she strays into the crane maintenance area. A better approach is to block off the work area using other cranes that are not currently in use. Alternatively, you can use disused machinery to block off access to the maintenance area. This step will ensure that only service personnel access the crane repair zone of your industrial complex.

Institute a Buddy System

Another measure that you can take to increase the safety of your employees is to second other employees to back up the service personnel. Those additional employees can act as lookouts for any danger that may threaten the safety of service personnel and other employees, such as mopping up any spilled lubricants before those lubricants make the floor slippery. The additional workers can also provide immediate assistance to someone who is hurt.

There is no guarantee that accidents will not occur as an industrial crane is being serviced. However, you will reduce that likelihood if you implement the suggestions above in your industrial complex. Consult crane hire companies about how else you can be of help as service personnel are doing their work. For more information, contact a business such as Tolsaf Crane Hire.