Different Options to Consider When Contemplating a Concrete Driveway

When it comes to installing a new driveway, most homeowners would want a material that is not only durable, but cost effective too. One of the best choices you could consider is a concrete driveway. Unfortunately, concrete typically gets a bad rap for being boring and neutral. Although designs for concrete driveways may have been limited in years past, advances in technology have provided various attractive options that homeowners can choose from. Here are some of the different types of concrete driveways that you could choose for your residence.

Stamped concrete driveways

If you are looking to make your driveway stand out, stamped concrete is one of the most decorative options that you could consider. With this type of concrete design, the paving contractor will imprint a pattern onto the concrete's surface before it is fully cured. One of the reasons that stamped concrete is so popular is that you have an array of patterns that you could choose from that would make your driveway resemble other kinds of paving materials. These paving materials include cobblestone, brick, flagstone and more. Since these tend to be much more expensive than concrete, you may find it economically sound to simply have their designs stamped onto your driveway instead. To enhance the overall effect of the stamped concrete, you should opt to have it stained so as to make it appear as natural as possible.

Exposed aggregate concrete driveways

If you would like a textured finish to your concrete driveway, you should consider exposed aggregate. With this type of design, the paving contractors will pour a layer of pebbles in different colours and sizes above the concrete while it is still wet. The pebbles will partly sink into the concrete and become embedded in it, whereas their tops will stay exposed and make the driveway textured. If you would like the aggregate to stand out, you could opt to have it sandblasted so as to eliminate extra concrete paste that may have adhered onto the pebbles. Exposed aggregate concrete driveways are a great option for individuals who live in areas that may require additional surface traction due to consistent wet weather.

Rock salt concrete driveways

As the name suggests, this type of driveway uses rock salt in its design. Once the paving contractors have laid the concrete slabs, they will generously disperse coarse rock salt onto the wet surface of the concrete. The concrete is then left untouched for about a day, followed by the contractors washing away the rock slat using a pressure washer. The result is a pockmarked surface where the rock salt previously lay.