Three Indicators That You Might Need To Have Some Of Your Wall Frames Replaced

The frames inside your walls are very important to the overall integrity of the house, but so often they are taken for granted. Out of sight, out of mind seems to be the prevailing attitude that many people take in regards to their wall frames, and that can be quite dangerous. There are a number of factors that can affect wall frames, and these all increase in likelihood as the building gets older and sees more and more natural wear and tear. Here are a few indicators that should let you know when to get your wall frames checked out.

Condensation On Walls

If you notice that you get quite a bit of condensation on your walls when there is a rapid change in temperature, then this is not something you should take lightly. This happens when there is not a lot of insulation, and any condensation you see on the outside is also likely happening on the inside of your wall. Wood is the prevailing material in wall frames, and even though it will be treated against rotting, no piece of wood is able to stand up to moisture indefinitely. If you notice you get condensation on the walls often, then first you should fix your frames then you should consider adding in insulation.

Termite Or Rodent Problem

Termites and rodents love the cracks and spaces in between your walls because they are away from human eyes while still being comfortable and protected from any natural predators. If you can hear scurrying in your walls or see the remnants of termites, then you should get that area you associated with the problem investigated. Termites, rats and possums are no joke and can tear apart the internal wall frames in a matter of weeks if left unattended.

Stud Wall Not Behaving As It Should

Stud walls are load-bearing sections of your wall frames that should be able to hold up quite a lot of weight, from something as simple as a picture frame to a huge, thousand-dollar television. If you can feel the stud wall will not hold the weight of your new item or older items start to shift out of position or even fall, then that is a worrying sign about your internal wall frames. Luckily, wall frames are relatively cheap and not that hard to fix once the problem is identified. 

Reach out to a professional to discuss your wall frames