Mini Excavator Hiring Tips

Mini excavators are an instant solution for people that require to conduct small excavation works or work in constricted spaces. Hiring a mini excavator can be a complex task. However, this should no longer be the case once you read this expert guide. 

Your first task is to determine which mini excavator you will hire. The scope of works and current site conditions are key determinants when hiring the equipment. Therefore, consider the following: 

  • Mini excavators come in various sizes. As such, examine the excavator's dimensions. For example, check its width if you would want to dig a wide trench.
  • When working on muddy grounds or rough terrain, hire a tracked excavator. These excavators do not get stuck or topple on unstable grounds.
  • The excavator should have a long arm to enable you to dig in tight spaces.
  • Interview contractors to determine which excavator models can withstand tough site conditions. As a rule, you should not hire low-quality models, regardless of how cheap they might be.
  • Check the weight limits of the excavator if you intend to move heavy stones. 

Contact plant hire companies in your locality and inquire about the availability of the mini excavator. Most companies will have a competitive standard charge. However, you should beware of hidden costs. For instance, you will incur an extra charge if the hiring period begins once the equipment leaves the company's premises as opposed to when it arrives at your site. Some companies will charge more during the weekends while others will ask you to cater for maintenance and repairs. Most people are often in a dilemma of whether to opt for dry or wet hire. While dry hire is often cheaper than wet hire, you will have to fuel the equipment and pay a plant operator. Besides, you will be liable for damage when the equipment is at your site. 

Inspect the equipment before signing the hire contract. Its wheels or tracks should not have any wear or cracks. Additionally, the excavator's engine should not have any leaks or strange sounds. Check the functionality of the excavator arm and the electrical controls. If you have not hired a mini excavator in the past, ask the company to provide the equipment's maintenance records. You risk site accidents if you hire a poorly maintained excavator. 

Remember to observe safety at your site. For instance, remove hazards such as low-lying electrical wires and underneath gas pipes. Besides, do not exceed the excavator's weight limits or use it in rainy weather. 

Contact a local mini excavator hire service to learn more.