Preparing for Australia's Wild Weather: 3 Tips for Securing and Improving Durability of Carports

Australia has some pretty wild weather, and global warming will only make severe storms more common. By the end of the 21st century, the frequency of severe storms in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane has been a projected increase anywhere between 114% to 160%. To prepare your home for Australia's wild weather, take some time to secure the carports on your property with the following 3 tips.

Install Additional Supporting Poles and Columns

While standard carports only require 4 to 6 stock and steel columns, you can install additional poles and columns to support the overall structure of the carport. You'll want to install the additional poles and columns at the side of the carport, so that they do not interfere with how the cars will be parked inside the carport. When installing the poles and columns, you should spend more time securing the poles and columns to the ground. Your best bet is to set the poles and columns with concrete deep underground. You can even consider adding stability braces to the outside of the structure.

Anchor the Poles Down

With intense winds expected to sweep through the city, one of your number concerns should be whether your carport will remain standing after the storm. Anchor the poles holding up the carport with sandbags or even cinder blocks to prevent them form collapsing or getting blown away. While sandbags are easiest to install, they need to be replaced often, as they can be easily damaged by rain, snow and even pets or wildlife.

Build a Moderately Pitched Roof

The angle and pitch of the roof installed on the carports need to be heavily scrutinized to determine whether the roof is aerodynamic. Flat roofs can be easily lifted by strong winds and are more likely to leak. Steep roofs also don't offer much protection from severe storms, as they are highly susceptible to wind damage. For optimal storm protection, you'll want to install mid-range roofs that have a pitch between 4/12 and 6/12.

You can easily build your own carport at home with some simple tools and equipment, and the carport will shield your car from the elements, like from rain and from hail. However, most carports are not designed to withstand severe storms. If you live in an area that is prone to severe storms, you should definitely look into different ways that you can further secure your carport, so that it remains standing even during severe storms.