How to Own a Deep Fat Fryer and Never Clog Your Drains With Oil

An electric deep fryer is a beautiful thing, but dealing with the old grease can be tricky. Luckily, there are ways to own an electric deep fryer, enjoy all the fried delicious food you want and never clog up your drains. Here are some tips to help:

1. Never pour old grease down the drain.

Grease creates an oily buildup on your pipes, and if it solidifies at room temperature (which many types of grease do), it can clog your drains. Because of that, you should never pour old fryer oil down the drain.

2. Find a biofuel recycler.

Instead of throwing grease from your deep fryer down the drain, find a biofuel recycler in your area. These companies pick up old vegetable oil, and they use it to power cars. If you cannot find one, simply pour the old oil into milk cartons or juice containers and put them with your rubbish.

3. Consider a grease trap.

Unfortunately, even if you're diligent about not pouring grease down the drain, some may escape down there. For example, after you've enjoyed a batch of fried food, some of the greasy remnants from your dinner plate may easily end up in your drain.

However, if you have a grease trap, you don't have to worry about the grease affecting your plumbing. Instead, it is diverted to your grease trap. You have to empty these traps once in a while, but they are extremely effective.

4.  Have a grease mitigation strategy.

If you don't install a grease trap and you accidentally pour oil from your fryer or anything else down your drain, you need a mitigation strategy. Remember that grease stays liquid at higher temperatures, and run some very hot water down the drain to heat up any grease that is in there.

If the drain is already clogged, consider pouring boiling water down it. Also, pour in some liquid dish soap. This is made to dissolve grease and it can help to move it along.

5. Have an emergency plumber on call.

Finally, if you own a deep fryer and you use it frequently, you may occasionally, despite your best efforts, face a blocked sink. If this happens, don't worry. There are professionals who can help.

To ensure that you can get the help you need if your drain is ever blocked, have the name of an emergency blocked drain specialist on hand, and be ready to call them if and when it's needed.