Four Crucial Pieces Of Paperwork That You'll Need A Land Surveyor For In Australia

When you're purchasing a property in Australia, you need to make sure that the land is what it appears to be. This is where a land surveyor comes in.

Having a professional survey the land you're interested in purchasing will ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises when you move into your new home. There are four crucial pieces of paperwork that you'll need a land surveyor for in Australia:

1) Title Search  

A title search is essential when buying any property, but especially one with a mortgage on it. When you buy a house, the bank wants to know that there aren't any other creditors who have rights over the property before they lend money for it. Title searches can also reveal if there are any easements or covenants attached to your property which may impact how you can use your land or build on it. A land surveyor can help you with these searches and can also assist you in dealing with any issues that are revealed.

2) Survey Plan

A survey plan shows how much of your land is usable, how much is unusable (such as steep slopes and wetlands), whether there are any easements or covenants attached to it, and what boundaries it has on neighbouring properties. It can also show whether there are any structures on your land that belong to someone else (like fences). If there are any issues with boundaries or other structures on your property, the survey plan can help you understand why it is that way. If there are easements or covenants attached to your land, they will be shown on the survey plan.

3) An Allotment Plan

An allotment plan shows the layout of your property. It is a map that shows where your house will be built (if there is one), what utilities are available and where they go, where septic tanks or other water sources are located, and how large each plot of land is. It also shows where all the roads, driveways and other infrastructure is located within these lots and blocks. If you plan on building a house or developing your property in any way, then it would be very useful to have access to an allotment plan before starting construction work.

4) A Strata Plan

If you are planning on developing your property with other people, then it would be useful to have a strata plan. A strata plan shows the ownership of each property within the block or lot, as well as who owns what part of each building. This document will also show you where common property is located and provide information about who is responsible for maintaining it.

A land surveyor will be able to provide you with all of these documents and more. If you have any questions about the process, or if you need help with any other property management issues, then contact a land surveyor today.