Have You Chosen Your Wall Frames Yet?

Creating the perfect home is about more than finding the right location. A great view can certainly improve your mood and help you relax after a stressful day, and the home must be well located for your employment and local schools, but there must be more than that to make a home. If you are designing a property, you must consider the floor plan of the building and how it relates to the way your family will use the building. There must be the right mix of open-plan space and privacy to give both adults and children their own space. However, what makes a difference is how easy it is to live in the home. There can be some homes that almost feel as if they are at war with you. If you want to make any changes to the property, it quickly becomes a struggle. Creating a liveable home starts in the planning stages with the wall frames.

Why worry about wall frames?

You could choose either timber or steel for your property wall frames. Steel wall frames are strong and long-lasting, but there are good, practical reasons for choosing timber wall frames. Firstly, timber wall frames are quicker and cheaper to install, saving you money immediately, which you can spend elsewhere on the building process. The timber wall frames will reach your site ready for installation. Your team shouldn't require any specialist equipment or skills to assemble them. If you pick steel wall frames, you must have welders standing by with their equipment to connect the frames.

The benefits of timber wall frames don't stop when the construction process finishes. You will find that there are ongoing advantages to using timber.

Better thermal insulation

When it is cold outside, you will still want to be warm in your home. If the temperature is rising outside, you will want to be cool at home. You can adjust the thermostat on your heating or cooling system, but if the heat can pass through the wall frames of your property, you will struggle to maintain temperature control. The advantage of timber wall frames is that they offer excellent thermal insulation properties; they will keep the outside temperature outside and let you set whatever temperature you prefer inside.

Easier home modifications

As your family grows and changes, there may be alterations that you want to make to your home. Timber wall frames are much simpler to work with than steel wall frames, allowing you to make cheaper changes to your home in the years ahead.