Renovations to Brighten Up a Kitchen Obscured by Shadows

While some people think that light is only necessary for visibility, the reality is that the right amount of illumination goes well beyond that. A bright and airy space not only looks cleaner than one that is dark but also has a touch of luxury too. Moreover, the more illumination available in your kitchen, the less reliant you are on your overhead lighting. This can save you a considerable amount of money in electricity costs.

The presumption that some homeowners make is that increasing natural light in this room is impossible short of installing additional windows. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can revamp the lighting situation in this space without having to make structural changes to your house. Check out the following renovations you can discuss with your contractor when looking to brighten up a kitchen that is riddled by shadows.

Go all white

White is not a hue that many people will associate with the kitchen. This is because spills are commonplace in this room. Moreover, if you have young children, you could be sceptical about choosing this colour palette for a wet room since there is always the risk of fingerprints and smudges on the walls. However, this should not scare you away from bringing your vision of a brightly lit kitchen to life.

White reflects light intrinsically. Hence, it is the easiest way to add more illumination to this space without having to make major changes. Take note, though. This colour should not be limited to the walls. Instead, you can paint your cabinetry white too. Opt for glossy paint that will enhance the reflective nature of this hue and is easy to keep clean. This way, you can wipe stains without having to worry about damaging the paint job.

Choose reflective finishes

One of the reasons why homeowners engage in kitchen renovations is to switch out damaged building supplies. With time, you may find that your benchtops have started to show visible signs of wear. On the other hand, your original flooring may have started to exhibit signs of damage, which not only comprises the integrity of the flooring but also detracts from the visual appeal of this space.

Irrespective of the materials you choose to replace, it is advisable that you opt for reflective finishes that will intensify the available illumination in this space. Mirrored splashbacks, for instance, will not only make the kitchen seem brighter but will also create an illusion of depth, which makes the room appear larger. Quartz, as another example, is great as a reflective benchtop material.

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