Where to Hide Your Spare Key After an Emergency Locksmith Rekeys Your Lock

Some homeowners are at a loss when deciding the best place where they should hide the spare key of their front door. Such homeowners may end up placing that spare key in an obvious place, such as under the doormat, where a burglar can easily find it. This article discusses some places where a burglar may not easily find your spare key once an emergency locksmith, such as Border Locksmiths, re-keys your front door lock after a burglary.

On Your Pet's Collar

In case you have a dog, buy a dog collar with a pouch. The pouch should be so small that someone at a distance of several feet away may not easily see it. Place the spare key inside that pouch. This unusual location will keep your key safe because a burglar will hardly think that your dog has the key to the front door.

Use the Doghouse

Use the doghouse as an alternative hiding place for your spare key in case you keep your dog locked in his or her kennel. You can place the key under the kennel, or you can place that key on a nail driven into a corner of the kennel where the dog cannot play with it. Some burglars may be reluctant to come near the doghouse for fear that the dog will alert neighbours by barking at those burglars.

Use the Air Conditioner

Another clever way to keep a spare key hidden is to make use of the external unit of your air conditioning system. First, buy a small magnet and attach it to the key using superglue. Next, find an inconspicuous location on the unit, such as under the condenser unit, and place the key on that spot. The key will remain invisible to anyone who is walking around in search of that spare key.

Use a Fake Sprinkler

Do you have a sprinkler system for your lawn? That sprinkler system can give you an extra option when you want a place to hide a spare key. Buy an extra sprinkler head that you do not connect to the water system. Put the sprinkler head in a corner of your lawn so that it looks like it waters the grass on that part of the property. Hide your spare key inside that sprinkler head.

Use the suggestions above as a starting point to stimulate your creativity if you are looking for a hiding place for your spare key. You can also consult the emergency locksmith who re-keyed your lock for additional tips on how you can avoid locksmith emergencies arising from burglars finding your spare key and using it to enter your home while you are away.