When to Choose a Split System Unit in Addition to Your Commercial Air Conditioner

A commercial-sized central air conditioner unit is almost always needed in any office, production facility, and even warehouses. However, along with the central air conditioner in your facility, you may want to consider adding a split system unit. This is a unit that vents directly out a wall or through the ceiling, and which doesn't connect to the ductwork of your building. This makes it a more compact unit, and it will only cool a limited amount of space rather than your entire building. If you already have a commercial-sized central air conditioner, why consider an additional split system? 

1. When you run additional shifts in one part of the building

You might close the front office and the production area of your facility at five o'clock every day, but keep the warehouse or parts of the shipping and receiving area open for a second and even third shift. Rather than running the building's central air during this time to keep just your warehouse personnel cool, it's good to consider a split system unit in this area. The central unit can be turned off or adjusted when the office staff and production facility close up, but the spilt system unit can be run as needed in that area and for just those added shifts.

2. When certain areas of your facility need extra cooling

A split system unit might be added to a commercial kitchen area to keep employees cool without freezing the customers in the front of your restaurant. You might also want to add it over a production area where there is welding or other work that produces high amounts of heat. If you store delicate items that need added cooling, such as flowers, medicine, and the like, you may have a special storage area for them but might also add a split system unit over the doors to that area; this will ensure no warm air gets in every time someone accesses that storage room.

3. If certain areas are more populated

If you have a large number of office workers or other staff in one area of the building, their combined body heat can make that space very warm. You might also have an auditorium that you sometimes use for classes and seminars. Adding a split system to those areas can help to keep them comfortably cool without having to cool other areas of the building that are not as populated.

For more information on commercial AC, talk to a professional.