Carry On Birding - Even With An Artificial Lawn!

If you enjoy watching the antics of birds in your garden but are afraid that your synthetic grass lawn might deter them from visiting you, think again.  There are steps you can take to ensure that your feathered visitors keep coming to entertain you.  Read on to find out more.

Feeding time

Many species of birds enjoy digging around a real turf lawn in search of worms and insects.  Clearly, your artificial lawn won't accommodate this, but you can still offer birds a banquet by using imaginative planting in your flower beds to attract the insects that some birds feed on.  There are also many varieties of native flowers that provide nectar for humming birds.

A bird feeding table is also a great idea especially for the winter months when natural food sources are scarcer.  Try putting out different foods to tempt different species; you might even attract some rarely-seen migrants.

Nesting and shelter

In addition to nesting there, birds often use trees and dense shrubby plants for shelter during extremes of hot and cold or very windy weather and to give them protection from predators.  If you have room in your garden, try incorporating some attractive native flora and foliage to accommodate visiting birds.  When planting, always keep trees well away from walls or fences that might provide a vantage point for cats or other predators.

Nesting boxes can also attract birds to your garden, especially if there's a good food and water supply for them too.  Place nest boxes high up and out of reach of predators, avoiding direct sunlight and away from the prevailing wind direction.

You'll also need to clean the nesting boxes out each year when the occupants have left, so that they are hygienic and ready for next year's brood.


In dry climates, water is a vital commodity for both residential bird species and visitors.  In addition to drinking water, birds will be attracted to your garden if you provide them with a refreshing bird bath, which can also make a very attractive decorative feature.

Remember to clean out your bird bath and water supply regularly to get rid of bacteria and top up the levels daily.

In conclusion

You can reap all the benefits of having a synthetic grass lawn whilst still enjoying the sight and sound of birds in your garden.  Just follow the tips given above and carry on birding!