Choosing the best type of concrete crusher for your needs

Concrete crushing is something that's done in order to be able to recycle the material and use it for new concrete. Concrete crushing is a dangerous procedure with a lot of force involved, but it is possible to perform on your own if you have some experience. When wanting to perform your own concrete crushing, there are a lot of things you need to think about. The most important thing is that you have to decide what type of machine you want to use to get the result you want with your concrete crushing. 

Jaw crushers

Jaw crushers are very common concrete crushers, as they have an uncomplicated design and don't require a lot of training to be able to use. Jaw crushers crush the concrete by chewing it between two jaws. They only allow small pieces to pass through the jaws, so that you won't find large concrete rocks in your crushed concrete. Jaw crushers are also preferable as they produce less dust than other types of concrete crushing machines. The downside with these machines is that they might be more dangerous than other types as the large jaws are able to break almost anything, and you could get severely injured if you were to get caught between them.

Impact crushers

Impact crushers are also common machines to use for concrete crushing. These types of machines crush the concrete by either throwing concrete against a hard surface or by using hammers in combination by centrifugal forces to separate the material. The major advantage of these types of machines is that they separate mesh and other foreign materials in the concrete more effectively than others. As the concrete is separated rather than crushed, the foreign materials are also kept whole, meaning they're easier to remove than if they also were to be crushed alongside with the concrete. If you need to crush concrete with other material in it than just concrete, an impact crusher might be your best option. 

Cone crushers

Cone crushers are less common than the other two types but are appropriate for smaller volumes of concrete. The concrete is placed inside a cone, which then grinds the material and lets it out by the tip of the cone. The advantage of these machines is that they are more effective when it comes to handling wet materials than other types of machines, which means they're to prefer if you know you'll have to crush concrete that has been kept in water. They are, however, not very common and might be more expensive to hire than other types of concrete crushers.    

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