Home Extensions That May Add Value to Your Home

When planning any home remodeling project, you might want to consider how that project will appeal to a wide range of homebuyers, if you should ever decide to resell your home. This is true of home extensions; you may want an extension that gives your family added space now, but also consider if that space will appeal to potential homebuyers in a few years if you should put your home on the market. Note a few home extension ideas and uses that might appeal to a wide range of new homebuyers so you can decide if these would be a good choice for your home.

1. Larger kitchen

If your home extension will be on the side of the house where the kitchen is located, you might consider enlarging the kitchen itself rather than just building an extra dining area. To do this, consider how you can extend the footprint of the kitchen to include new cabinets and countertops; you might move back the side wall so that you can add a completely new row of cabinets that face the kitchen. You might also knock out the wall and create a walk-in pantry off the kitchen, as this would free up storage space in the kitchen cupboards themselves.

2. Mother-in-law suite

When an elderly parent moves in with their grown children, they still often want as much privacy as possible. A mother-in-law suite, a type of studio apartment with a small kitchen and bathroom and a separate entrance from the home, can be a great choice for homebuyers with older family members. Consider adding an extension to the side of the house that has its own entry to the outside, and which is then closed off from the inside of the house, with just a locked hallway door connecting the two spaces. A small eat-in kitchen and living area, along with a bedroom and bathroom, can make the space complete. In some cases, it can then also be rented out; this can add to the value of your home, as potential homebuyers may see it as a business opportunity and not just a house.

3. An office

Workers today often take work home with them or may consider starting their own business from their home, which means they will need a separate space for their office. You might consider an extension in the back or side of the home with a separate entrance that can be used for clients or customers, so that they don't need to walk through the home to get to the business area. This office can then also have an entry door to the home as well, for easy access by the homeowner. For any potential homebuyers who may want their own home business, this type of extension can make your home very valuable.