4 Plumbing Situations That Are Considered Emergencies

When you have plumbing problems at home, it can be difficult knowing if it is something that can wait a few days or if you need emergency assistance. There are definitely some situations where it is worth calling an emergency plumber, even in the middle of the night or over the weekend. Here are four plumbing situations that can be considered emergencies.

Flooding in the Basement

If you have flooding in the basement or anywhere else in your home, you need to call a plumber right away. You may not know where the water is coming from, which is often a burst pipe. Pipes that burst from cracks, or being frozen and then thawing too quickly, can cause major water damage in your home. The plumber can assess the situation, stop the water, and replace the pipes as soon as possible. If you know where the water supply is in your home, turn it off as soon as you notice this problem, then call a plumber.

Overflowing Toilet

Having a toilet that is overflowing is another reason to call a plumber right away. Like the burst pipe, the water will just keep coming unless you can turn off the water supply. Even then, the toilet can't be used at all until a plumber comes by to fix it. After calling the plumber, try to clean up as much of the water as you can, since water sitting on your bathroom floor is going to cause a lot of damage. Check other plumbing fixtures to see if you have issues with those as well.

Broken Water Lines

Broken water lines occur underground due to many conditions, from shovels that accidentally hit the lines, to natural disasters, or roots growing into the lines and breaking them. You know you have a broken water line when there is excessive moisture in the lawn, little to no water pressure, and bad water quality. This is considered an emergency because the water may keep coming out of those lines and causing damage to your property.

Sewer System Issues

If you have sewage coming up your plumbing fixtures, such as sinks or shower drains, you have a sewer system backup. This is an emergency since the sewage can be bad for your health and can damage your plumbing fixtures. Call a plumber right away to let them know about the backup. This is often a problem with the main sewer line, so your neighbors might also be having the same problem.

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