Top Six Retail Fittings Your Store Needs

Retail fittings are the first thing you need when opening your own store. Every item you wish to sell will be displayed on some type of retail fitting. Different retail fittings are good for different goods you have for sale. Knowing which retail fittings you need before you hire a retail fitting company will save you valuable time when outlining your new establishment:


One of the most common type of retail fitting you will find is called a slatwall. Slatwalls are just what they sound like. It is a panel with slats and shelves are inserted into these slats. Then the product is placed on the shelves. The shelves can be customized to have more space between each shelf or less. Slatwalls can also have brackets inserted into the slats to hang items as well. No matter what inventory you have, the majority of it would work with a slatwall.

Metal Shelving

Metal shelving is good when you have bigger or harder goods. Food works extremely well on metal shelving. It can be personalized to your specific needs.


Gridwalls can be used with shelving or hooks the same as the metal walls. With a gridwall, however, you can put a much larger range and selection of types of hooks and shelves. A gridwall is a great way to hang small things such as jewellery or fishing lures.

Basket Displays

Basket displays are basically a tall pole with baskets coming out in several directions. You can space the baskets as far apart or close together as you like. These are a great tool for things like silk flowers, socks or any other item that is hard to display on a traditional shelf.

Cube Shelving

Cube shelving is a wall of cubes all attached. You can put individual items in the cubes. Generally, this is a good choice for items such as sweaters or towels that you can roll up and place inside each cube. It offers a funky geometric shape that may end up being a focal point of your retail shop.


If you plan to open and operate a clothing store then a mannequin is a must have for you. You can get female or male mannequins as well as simply a torso. When selling jewellery you can get items such as hands, heads and necks to showcase the different jewellery pieces.

These are some of the things you might want to consider for your shop fittings. Contact a company such as William Waters Shop Fitters to learn more.